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    The internship camp provides a networking platform to all the start-ups and corporate firms to exchange ideas and find the right talent.
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Get a real work experience and a chance to apply your knowledge

The Internship Camp, which is to be held from 23rd to 25th of March 2018, is an initiative of KIIT Entrepreneurship Cell which aims to provide internship opportunities to undergraduate and postgraduate students from the field of technology, biotechnology, management, designing and law from Bhubaneswar and our home university. KIIT Entrepreneurship Cell takes pride to provide this platform for the second time in a row. Keeping in mind the last year’s success we have targeted to bring in 60 plus corporate and starts-ups from different regions and create 500 plus internship opportunities for the students.
  • 350+ Internship Offers last year
  • 5+ International Internship Offers
  • Paid internships and opportunity to get Pre Placement Offers

Why Internship Camp ?

This unique platform ensures that the companies get the most young and creative brains who can add some value to their organisation. Simultaneously the students also get to implement their knowledge in solving real life problems and gaining work experience. The internship camp also provides a networking platform to all the start-up and corporate firms to exchange ideas and increase their network.

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  • Who is an Attendee?
    All participating students of Internship Camp 2018 are “Attendees”. Only Attendees are eligible to sit for interviews on the dates of the internship camp.
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I got an all expenses paid offshore engineering internship through internship camp '17 in Cambodia. For 2 whole months, we worked in a laid back beach town with engineering and marketing teams from Indonesia and Vietnam. This was an excellent real world job experience.
Sumit Raj, 3rd year CSE Kriti Technologies
Due to Internship Camp, I was able to get the oppurtunity to get an international internship in Malaysia.I not only got to do coding , but also got an office where weekends were spent by taking trips to beaches.
if(weekend){ tripToBeach(); } else{ Code->HaveFun->Code; }
Samsruti Dash, 3rd year EEE Android Developer Intern at Pari Technologies, Malaysia
Internship Camp gave me an opportunity to experience a whole new country and culture. It gave me a chance to work with very diverse teams from all around the world on real life development projects. It was an excellent hands on job experience.
Prakhar Raj, 3rd yr CSE Kriti Technologies
I cracked a paid internship through internship camp last year. It was my first experience working for a startup. I had an excellent real world working experience and gained immense knowlege over my internship period.
Kartik Rai, 3rd year CSE Intern at Roders
Last year, I got selected for an internship at Khanaman, a Ranchi based food tech startup as Business developer.I feel lucky to be the part of that team.
Importantly, the learnings are helping me in corporate life everyday. All the credit goes to KIIT Entrepreneurship Cell for organising Internship Camp.
Chenab khanna, 4th year ETC Intern at Khanaman

Registration fees for Icamp'18

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Intership camp Schedule

25th March

Report at Seminar hall 1 at 8:00 AM

Time Slot S.No Company Name Mode Of Interview Venue Ecell POC Contact Number
9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Report at Seminar hall 1 at 8:00 AM
1 Hash Services online CH 2 (SEAT 1) Mridu 7002276781
2 Storiesofcommonman online CH 4 (SEAT 2) Shreyashi 9967318550
3 LeanTrack online/telephonic CH 8 (SEAT 1) Shubhangi 9937861043
4 Teeshood offline SYNDICATE 3 MBA Devi 9439526981
5 AIESEC offline CH 3 (SEAT1) - -
12:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Report at Seminar hall 1 at 11:00 AM
1 Kriti Technologies ofline CH 1 (SEAT 1) Ayush Lal 8839322705
2 Rootalpha Venture Pvt. Ltd. online CH4(SEAT 1) Binay 9090068507
3 SeekhLo offline CH5(SEAT 1) Ronit 7440104560
4 Teeshood offline SYNDICATE 3 MBA Sumedha 9439526981
5 LeanTrack online CH 4(SEAT 3) Gaurav Sanjay 8700614119
6 AIESEC offline CH 3 (SEAT 1) - -
7 Rassa offline CH 6 (SEAT 1) Sarthak 9938299160
8 PrintView offline SYNDICATE 2 MBA Ayushtika 9434175065
9 Hash Services online CH2 (SEAT 1) Nimisha 8839259142
10 Virtura online CH 8 (SEAT 2) Shuvam 7008135707
3:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Report at Seminar hall 1 at 2:00 PM
1 Yoken Online offline SYNDICATE 3 MBA Niket 9903806099
2 Poddar Motors online CH 8 (SEAT 2) Payal 8338968386
3 AdverScribe Ad Solutions online CH 4 (SEAT 4) Spruha 9078841033
4 Ecological online CH 8 (SEAT 3) Bhaswati 9674805260
5 Travel d'globe online CH 2 (SEAT 2) Riya 9903307367
6 SeekhLo offline CH 5 (SEAT 1) Titas 9937914060
7 software End To End Solutions Pvt. Ltd. offline MBA TNP CNF HALL Salok 8342077531
8 E-Star online CH 8 (SEAT 4) Piyush Srivastava 8299813209
9 E-Stacha online CH 3 (SEAT 1) Himaja 9407964769
10 Lagom globe business Pvt. Ltd. online CH 4 (SEAT 5) Srijitha 8777034061
11 AIESEC offline - - -
12 Rassa offline CH 6 (SEAT 1) Rishika 8709771652
13 Kriti knoledge offline CH 1 (SEAT 1) Ayush 8839322705
14 PrintView offline SYNDICATE 2 MBA Sourav Rout 9777744924
15 Beatest online CH2 Inesh 9668176986

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